Have anybody tried to connect a Nintendo Wii-controller to BeagleBoard?

Hi Everybody,

Have anybody tried to connect a Nintendo Wii-controller to BeagleBoard?

Without knowing a lot about BT the controller seem to be a standard BT HID device according to:



a lot of other links can be found by a little searching using Google…

For somebody with a little knowledge of the upper BT layers I think it would be a great/fun task to integrate support for a Wii-controller based mouse or for controlling some simple games using the Wii-controller instead of using a joystick?

In case somebody jumps on the project – Please register it at: http://beagleboard.org/project

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I use a PS3 SIXAXIS BlueTooth joystick with my BeagleBoard. I found
instructions for getting the SIXAXIS working on standard Linux, and
followed them to the letter on Angstrom. I had to install the
Angstrom native compile tools, but then the instructions worked on the
first try.

It looks like the same thing should be possible with the Wiimote:

Apparently, CWiid is already included in Debian. So if you want to
run Debian on the BeagleBoard, it might be even less work.

- Nathan

This should not be too difficult.

You could look at what I did for eeePC: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:wiimote

There are also a few pages on nslu2-linux that might be useful:

Note that you need a sensor bar. You can use the one from your WII,
but it might be more convenient to get a wireless sensor bar (which is
actually not more than a piece of plastic with a few IR leds and maybe
a resistor or 2 and of course a battery compartment).