Have BB XM, want to browse SD card in Win 7 SD card slot

Have BB XM package. I want to browse the provided SD card in Win 7 SD card slot. My 1st try with Win & did not see the card when SD card was inserted to that drive. Here’s some SD background information…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd_card

What is the SD card’s format?

Is there a custom layout that is placed within a standard SD low level layout?

Do utilities exist to browse the SD card distribution on the card?

Were in the manual is the formal description of the SD format?

John S Wolter


Thanks for the quick reply. I plugged in the SD card to the slot which I believe from the HP factory is enabled. Nothing was showing in the Windows Exploder. I can’t remember right now if the SD card reader has to be enabled or if something else. Right now I’m learning the Windoze 7 environment.

I’ll go buy a card & use it in a camera or my old Palm T2, put a file on it, and try the HP laptop SD slot again.

I want to try the original image provided with the board or the nearest update of it. I have ways to put virtual drives using snatched images on the laptop. I’ll look for a raw disk editing tool which must exist 50 times already.

I’ll want to figure out why the original image is not working with the ext2/3 drivers packages. I have these ext2/3 drives already working with livdCDs, installed images, and running VMs. I can also read & write NTFS from LINUX using the well know ntfs-3g. The SD card FAT should read immediately. It’s likely the image is not edited correctly for ext2/3.

About the image you distribute, I’m curious how much of that image space actually is used. The same question could be asked about the FAT(-16|32?) image. I wondering about the origin of your cited image. Is it the same as the B-B distribution? If space is available then could the image be placed within the B-B approach using a FAT?

There is a reason the image does not work.

If the image is FAT and ext3 then how were they created?

I have seen issues using the slots built into laptops. I had one in my old laptop and it never worked. A cheap USB to SD/uSD works great. As to th eimage we send out. a lot of the space i snot used. It will most likley fit on a 2GB card but we can’t buy 2GB cards in bulk, so we switched to 4GB. The images were created using a Linux machine.