Having trouble installing new debian image into beaglebone black?

So I have followed the instructions and when I put the micro SD card into the beagle bone and turn it on, only one led is flashing. The instructions guides says all four should be flashing and will stay lit when it is done.

Which image did you flash to the microSD, what modifications did you follow?


I used the latest image for debian .Then held the boot button before powering the BB and releasing the power button once all the four led came on.

So, to ask again.

"Which image" did you flash to the microSD?

All the "latest-images" on the site are designed to run off the
microSD card as-is.

Are you expecting it to do something on first bootup?


Debian 8.6 2016-11-06 4GB SD LXQT this is the image that I flashed onto the micro sd card.

On the website and youtube videos, the instructions says to insert the mirco sd and let the images be copied to the BB black and remove the sd card. Then the os should be updated.

and the offical doc says:


do that ^ and it'll flash the eMMC on the next bootup...


Okay, thanks. I will follow those instructions.


Is the file uEnv in the boot directory?