HC-05 Bluetooth and the beagle bone black ...

Hi there!

Newbie here … sorry if too basic or already answered somewhere, I can not find what I’m looking for. Here is my problem:

I’m trying to connect my BBB to an android device via bluetooth. I’m using a HC-05 device and followed the instructions in here. It works to some extent. Bluetooth connects to the devide and I can send messages to my android device runninga terminal software ( BLUETERM). Problem is that I can not read from the device (which BTW is the sole purpose of the connection …).

I’m doing it pretty basic by now, just some echo hello > /dev/ttyO4 and cat /dev/ttyO4 The first works, the latter doesn´t. All I’m trying to do by now is to make some sort of simple android app that can turn on and off some LED on the BBB. Later will go more complex but what I need now is to set the foundations to my project.

It would be great if there is a tutorial somewhere on how to open a shell over bluetooth from the android device, would be wonderful. I found some on how to do it on rasPi but no luck with BBB

Any advice? any tutorials? any help …??

If I have to be more specific please let me know what you need and I’ll give the informion. I’m running trhe latest armstrong distribution n a BBB rev B.

Thanks for any help!


As I understand , hciconifg and hcitools will be the basic Bluez test utils

First , make sure your HC-05 module can run with hciconfig

hciconfig -a to see what’s output

Hi liyaoshi!

Thanks for the answer. Actually hciconfig gives no results at all, which probably means the HC-05 is nt recognized in the system. What can I do next??

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Check cts/rts pin mux ,if you make sure your tx/rx and GND is right .
And , check if cts /rts pull down when idle .

sorry for being a pest but … probably I bite more thatn I can chew. Been looking on inet for info on that cts/rts thing and the only conclussion I get to is that … I’m more lost now.

I probably need to go down a few steps, any advice on what sort of tutorials should I take before attempting the bluetooth thing? I thought it would have been pretty simple and straightforward, I now see it is not …

Any advice on what path to follow will be greatly welcome …