HDMI License


If we sold incorporating the BBB in our product,
do we have to pay the HDMI of royalty?

We do not use the HDMI logo.

We asked TI about this question, but they were introduced here.
Please tell me if you know.

Encryption is not supported. We use an HDMI framer but we are not HDMI certified. So unless you want the HDMI logo, there is no need for a license.

If you want the Logo then you need to get it certified and you must replace the framer with the more expensive version of the framer that supports the encryption.


Thank you very much, Gerald.
It was very helpful.

2015年10月19日月曜日 22時41分53秒 UTC+9 Gerald:


You don't _have_ to have encryption to be HDMI certified, so the
existing framer is OK. But you still need to be certified and pay a
royalty if you want to use the HDMI logo. At my day job we ship
several products with non-encrypted HDMI, all of which are certified
and use the official HDMI logo (and yes, we pay royalties to the HDMI

If you want to support encryption, in addition to being HDMI
certified, you also have to license and go through the certification
process for HDCP. That is *MUCH* harder than the process for HDMI
certification, and would likely be virtually impossible for an
open-source platform like the BeagleBone. Even if you switched out to
the HDMI chip that supports encryption, the raw video signals are
available on the expansion header, which is a *BIG* problem for HDCP

Thank you very much, Charles.
Thank you for providing the very kind of information.

2015年10月20日火曜日 22時25分07秒 UTC+9 Charles Steinkuehler: