HDMI not working in new BeagleboardX15


I just purchased a new BBX15 from mouser and connected to the suggested 12v 5a power adaptor. On switching the power button, I don’t see any activity in the monitor connected through the HDMI port of BBX15. Does the new board come default with debian OS booting from eMMC?


I have a BB-X15 at home still with the default image (kernel 4.9.??) on the eMMC. Regrettably, I’ve never tried running X on it (not even remote desktop).

I will test it tonight by plugging an HDMI cable into it…

I HAVE plugged an HDMI cable into our 572xEVM/BB-X15 at work a few months ago, with a “base” BeagleBoard.org LXQT image on SD Card for BB-X15 from BeagleBoard.org, and X worked fine on that. Note, that the 572x LCD touchscreen was attached when I tried this.

Please ping me if I forget to follow-up…


My BB-X15 which arrived just prior to Harvey boots into some form of X windows from the internal eMMC image and the beagleboard.org desktop is displayed on my TV via HDMI. I haven’t yet updated the internal eMMC image as I’m running mainly from uSD cards…

My BB-X15 default eMMC image consists of the following:

debian@BeagleBoard-X15:~$ uname -r

debian@BeagleBoard-X15:~$ cat /etc/dogtag
BeagleBoard.org Debian Image 2017-07-02

The console port isn’t displayed on the HDMI. Not sure if there’s a way to do this???

Thanks and FYI…