HDMI support for 1600:900 @60Hz -No Audio Needed -How do I provide full video bandwidth Pls. Advise


  1. I cannot find any information on the 16:9 formatted displays for 1600:900 lcd displays. The datasheet for the HDMI controller chip TDA19988
    is very allusive for some reason, got my hands on the TDA19983 data sheet though
  2. I did my calculations 1600x900x60Hz =86.4 Mhz just over the edge as regards the 85Mhz for hdmi audio. But I don’t need audio. I just want to
    drive the HDMI in "DVI’ mode dropping the audio. There is a lot of chatter about theoretical possibility of 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, but no mention on how it’s
    accomplished so I can use it as a guide

1920x1080@24 works fine. @60, well, that is not possible.


Hi, Gerald,

I want 1600 x 900, how do I set the TDA19988 to accept this in ‘DVI’ mode only, no audio.

I don’t want 1920x1080, I just pointed out that as an example :slight_smile:




To disable teh HDMI audio you would do that via uEnv.txt on the boot partition.

In the file you add . .


This assumes you’re using kernel version 3.8.x

The framer does not set the resolution. It is all a function of the kernel and the DRM interface…



I thank you both for your help it is really appreciated , Thanks and again Thanks


You can try this