HDMI touchscreen double-tap


I got a cheap 7-inch MPI7002 HDMI touchscreen for my BBAI-64, which is giving me a very nice looking image, displaying out of the box with an active HDMI adapter and a USB cable.

The issue is the touchscreen will not recognize double-tap when connected to the BBAI-64. The single-tap works, I can move the cursor, drag icons, etc. but I can’t open files or do anything that require to double-click on it. It all works fine when hooked up to a windows laptop.

I am currently running bbai64-emmc-flasher-debian-11.8-xfce-arm64-2024-01-11-10gb.img.xz from https://rcn-ee.com/rootfs/debian-arm64-11-bullseye-xfce-v5.10-ti/2024-01-11/ but I have tried other versions with the same results.

The driver from the manufacturer, LCD-show, at https://github.com/goodtft/LCD-show.git is specific to raspberry Pi and doesn’t install on the BBAI-64.

Of course, I reached out to their customer support and never heard back.

Any suggestion/experience you can share before I return it for a refund would be great!