HDMI video output too wide on screen

Anyone know which file I need to edit to change display resolution? My HDMI TV (and an ACER monitor with HDMI inputs as well) are displaying the login text off screen to the left. The actual positioning is not adjustable in the TV’s menu. I’d like to be able to change the display output from the Beagle Bone Black so that on bootup from the SD card (Debian Wheezy installed on the SD card is running fine) so this might be a question for the Debian gurus among you. I don’t yet have one of the GUI’s (KDE or GNOME) running properly in Debian on the Bone, but I’m working on it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jim Sheldon

Right now you can’t. The SW folks have not figured out a way to do that yet.

You can look for a display mode setting on the TV that is either “normal” or “fit” and try that.



Thanks Gerald,
I had just about come to that conclusion myself. This is a really cheap TV and wouldn’t allow me to make the right changes yesterday. After reading your reply, I tried it again and for some reason, this time it has a “Natural” setting which when selected, changed to display to roughly a square with the Bone’s window in the center. Additional vertical setting got it where I needed it to be able to read the top & bottom. All wasn’t for naught anyway.


I wish we could buy one of every TV made over that last 10 years, but we can’t.

I have a cheap one as well, with the same issue. I have a more expensive one that works perfectly every time…


I was having the very annoying problem of having the edges with the menus of the GUI outside of the screen for my Panasonic and Toshiba TV’s.
The solution I found for the Panasonic TV was to select: MENU > PICTURE > ADVANCED MENU > HD SIZE: 2
The default HD Size is 1 for the Panasonic TC-37LZ85X. Selecting HD Size 2 solves the problem.

I should also mention that before, I was getting no image, and it was due to the fact that the mini HDMI connector did not go deep enough into the receptacle when the Beaglebone Black is inside the Adafruit BBB Case ID 1555.