Headset compatible with beaglebone audio cape?


the audio cape from beageboardtoys.com/BoardZoo.com does not directly support the use of a microphone. the board is designed to provide a “line-in” also known as “line level” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_level).

What is mic level/line level/speaker level?

  • Mic level is just what it sounds like, the level of audio signal that comes as a result of you talking into a microphone that is plugged into whatever it may be - no amplification at all.
  • Line level refers to an audio signal that is stronger than mic levels and capable of driving power amplifiers, but weaker than a signal that can drive a speaker. It can be measured in decibels volts (dBv) or decibels unloaded (dBu) in relation to a reference voltage.
  • Speaker level is a signal that has already gone through the preamplification and amplification stage and can drive speakers.

Some common levels you’ll see:

  • +4 dBu is “professional” line level, common in modern pro recording gear, and it is about 1.25 V.
  • 0 dBv is an average line level, typical output from rackmount guitar/bass preamps.
  • -10 dBu is “consumer” line level, common with older and cheaper recording gear.
  • -20 dBu is roughly in the neighborhood of a typical instrument’s output.
  • -30 dBu is again in the neighborhood of a typical microphone’s outp

Dave Anders