Heartbeat on Angstrom

I have downloaded the source code for heartbeat which is for a red-hat distribution.

Heartbeat enables two devices to share one floating IP address so that if one fails the other can take over.

I would like to compile this for Angstrom so I can use it with beaglebone Black. Has anyone already done this before?

After further investigation, it seems that a Cluster Manager is required and this is called PaceMaker…at some point during the development PaceMaker and Heartbeat were linked, however they aren’t now…another option for Heartbeat is to use corosync, which seems to be gathering ground and has larger backers behind it and offers more features…

So the question now is how to build both Pacemaker and Corosync for Angstrom…I will try myself, however if anyone has already done this, it could save me a lot of time.

Thank you,