Heathsink on Beagleplay

What heatsink would be best for the Beagleplay?

Michel Catudal

@MichelC the TI Sitara AM625 on the Play should not need a heastink, TI designed this soc to help replace am335x based designs.


I see the temp on my BeaglePlay at 30 to 32 C with a fan blowing over it on zone0 and zone1.

  zone_temp=`cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp`

# Change temperature format from xxxxx to xx.x
# Extract temperature digits from the left and right of the decimal point


# Recombine temperatue digits with decimal point added


  echo -e "\nzone 0 temperature = $zone_temp C"

MUCH cooler than the BB-AI-64 (giant heatsink built-in) and BB-AI-32 (salvaged heatsink from spare parts).

Big thanks to the designers!

– Don

I have a small heathsink and no fan
zone 0 temperature = 48.8C