Hello and e-ale and E-learning/New Year Resolution!


Somehow, I found my way to this page online:


I think this is the site that is available now when my google screen online in the browser points to beagleboard.org.

Anyway, I am signed up for the blog announcements. I will wait patiently.


P.S. I would really be interested in learning more about programming the PRUSS and learning about C/C++ in the kernel to handle such things as drivers. I am not completely sure if .dts files will ever go away since u-boot is allowing specific boards to be used in their workflow of builds but also learning about .dts revolving around the am335x, am5729, and newer board(s) will be exciting from my standpoint.

That’s just a clone of Online training update – BeagleBoard.org Blog, but within a wordpress template. Not sure how you found that site. Anyway, that said, thanks for the encouragement to follow through with my promise! There’s clear material there to build from. I might start with BeagleBone AI-64 today.

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