Help! BBB show 3 solid LED after flashing

hi everyone.

i am having a serious problem, i had the BBB all setup and running using a keyboard mouse and hdmi monitor. it worked fine, then i decided i wanted to update using the instructions found here.

i then downloaded 12.04 LTS from here and completed the install/flash successfully as per the instructions. when i rebooted as per the link, nothing appears and I get 3 solid LEDs. after waiting a few minutes with no response, i removed the SD card and tried to reboot it to the onboard image, but the same thing has happened. 3 solid LEDs.

what am i doing wrong and how do i fix this?

i am on a mac and have all the drivers setup.

thanks for any help


idk... Use an image that's actually supported?

Just make sure to hold down the "microSD" boot button as it sounds
like you may have corrupted the bootloader..