[Help] Cannot go to linux cnc after stepconfig files created

Hello everyone!
I’m just a beginner to linux CNC, i’m using a Black Beagle Bone device with machinekit installed , after i created a stepconfig profile,i saw that it created a shortcut and my stepconf folder on Desktop,but however i cannot launch it to go to axis menu. I got this enror messages:

can't read "::sampleconfigs_node": no such variable can't read "::sampleconfigs_node": no such variable while executing "if {"$node" == "$::myconfigs_node"} { $::detail_box insert end "Your existing configs" } elseif { "$node" == "$::sampleconfigs_..." invoked from within "if [file isdirectory $node] { if {"$node" == "$::myconfigs_node"} { $::detail_box insert end "Your existing configs" ..." (procedure "node_clicked" line 72) invoked from within "node_clicked " (command bound to event)

Can anyone help me to fix this problem? Thank you very much

machinkit isn’t linuxcnc. There is a machinekit mailing list on google groups where you probably can get help with this. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/machinekit
Looks like a path problem to me, but PNCconf has always worked out of the box for me.

Stepconf is a program to create a config to control stepper motors via an X86 PC’s parallel port. There is a different program used for machinekit, and it uses the PRU devices to generate steps. Unfortunately, Machinekit is not as well documented as LinuxCNC, and this is the one area where the differences are great.