Help in building the kernel on omap3530 (beagleboard, overo gumstix)

hello everyone and I wish you a good day!!

my question is in relation to the “overo gumstix fire” board that has the same processor as the “beagleboard” I have tried to build the kernel for this board following the tutorial: but i can’t get or find the u-boot panch for the overo, as mentioned for beagleboard 0001-omap3_beagle-uEnv.txt-bootz-n-fixes.patch!!

Does anyone know how to make or build that patch, or where can I find it?

thank you!!

Sorry, since I never picked up an overo gumstix, thus I never wrote a
patch for it. :wink: Just use mainline u-boot and configure it for
extlinux.conf booting, as most mainline u-boot targets now support

See this "example" for hints on how to write the file:


Here is the code from Gumstix