Help with BBB + BePopr + BePoPr Bridge + BB-View + MachineKit

I’m trying to mount this environment for 3d printing controller:

  • Beaglebone Black;

  • BB View with 7" LCD;

  • BePoPr;

  • BePoPr bridge;

  • MachineKit image from Charles Steinkuehler (amazing work Charles, thanks).

I’ve already saved the image to the SD card and it runs well (I have serial and SSH access), but I want to have the GUI on the BB View screen. Is that possible?

Right now I just have the BB View cape connected.

Best regards,
Ricardo Nunes

I forgot to say this: when I connect with serial port, I login into LinuxCNC and enter the command “linuxcnc &” in order to start the OS, but i havw this error:

“Application initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable”

It ought to work with the BB View, but you may have to edit some device
tree files. I have a 4" BB View, but don't have it running yet. I
think some of the GPIO pins used for buttons may conflict with loading
the BeBoPr-bridge cape.

I've used various 7" LCDs that have a controller board to provide HDMI
input, and those work fine connected to the BBB HDMI output.

This is because there is no GUI screen for the serial port. You will
need to set the DISPLAY variable and forward X11 traffic to a valid X