Help with Custom Build

Considering I am having so much trouble doing it myself, is there someone out there who would be willing to put together a u-boot/uImage combination for me with support the following features:

20 GPIO routed to BB J3 & J5 (18 out, 2 in, can use J4 as well if necessary)
UART1 Rx/Tx on J5
UART2 Rx/Tx on J3
USB File Storage Gadget on USB OTG port
Bluetooth USB on EHCI port

If it works, I might even be able to talk my managers into some compensation.

I’ve already got the u-boot beagle.c file for the pin mux mods, (I’ve got to review one more time to make sure I am not stomping on some EHCI related signals,) I am just having trouble combining it with a kernel that supports the EHCI port.

I’ve seen Narcissus and the like, but it appears to me these automated tools don’t have the flexibility to provide all the features I am looking for.