Help with remoteproc in bone-rt kernel

Hi guys

I’m facing an issue on bone-rt kernel 4.19 on BBB.

Where there is just the remoteproc0 booting in the 4.19 bone-rt, but when I change the kernel to 4.19 ti I have the remoteproc0 ,1 and 2 - and running a pru sample program everything work as expected.

Any clue of what’s I’m doing wrong?
I changed the uboot pru for the uio on the rt kernel and this change didn’t make any difference.


Hi @Juvinski there are 4 versions of 4.19.x:

v4.19.x-ti : ti remoteproc and uio
v4.19.x-ti-rt : ti remoteproc and uio

v4.19.x (bone) : just uio
v4.19.x-rt (bone-rt) : just uio


Thanks a lot @RobertCNelson