Home Assistant BeaglePlay webinar

If you have interest in Home Assistant, Robert and I are doing a webinar for Digi-Key May 11:



Is the BeaglePlay board able to leverage giving or getting power (SPoE/PoDL) over Singe Pair Ethernet ? If yes, does it act like a source (PE) or a sink (PD) ? Also, what is its power budget like ? Surely this depends on code ? Speaking of code, is there a nifty git repo yet with examples on (say) using things like flow meters with hall effect sensors, and/or encoders ? (counters usage) We look forward to your presentation Thursday Jason. :smiley:

The SPE does source PoDL, but it isn’t standards compliant. We provide 5V/250mA on the line which can be enabled by GPIO. You’ll need to know what you are hooking up before you flip the switch to enable the power output.

This is pretty easy stuff to do that hasn’t been done. Logging some issues in at Documentation / docs.beagleboard.io · GitLab might be the best way to put it on the backlog. It is just a matter of priorities.

Once we get this webinar out about general use of Home Assistant and the example of using BeagleConnect Freedom as remote sensors, I think the next thing we need to bite off is doing a session on the ClickID work we’ve been doing.



We uploaded the demo image, slides and demo recordings ahead of the webinar. Of course, joining the webinar will be the best way to learn how to use these new goodies. :smiley:


Dang it…I missed everything. I got ramrodded into doing manual labor for the man again…

I will never learn…

Anyway, I should read up and find a way to use this if my current system hits the ground running!


P.S. @jkridner , is the BeagleConnect primarily for the BeaglePlay or are older boards able to be used?

When I say older boards, maybe a WiFi enabled, 32-bit BBBW or BBGG? I went online to see toolchains for the ZephyrProject allowed arch. being used these days…

I see aarch64/arm64 and another one or two w/ say an amd64… I did not see the armhf or armv7l arch being allowed for usage (toolchain wise here).

Will this be uploaded to youtube? Would love to watch it.

Eventually it will be removed from behind the registration wall, but, for now, you have to register to see the whole recording. The image, slides and demo videos are available at BeagleBoard.org - ha-image, but Digi-Key will hold onto the recording some time before releasing it.

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