Home Automation Cape with KNX/EIB, Enocean and four dedicated Onewire-Busmasters (IBB-Cape)


I recently finished a batch of my third generation “IBB-Cape”, featuring KNX/EIB, Enocean Onewire interfaces.

The capes offers

  • KNX/EIB interface through purpose-build ASIC TPUART v2 for best KNX conformance
  • Enocean RF interface based on Enoceans TCM310 Gateway
  • four dedicated DS2484 Onewire-Busmaster
  • protected serial connector for smart meter reading

Perfect software support
The KNX/EIB interface can directly be used with an unpatched “eibd” Daemon which is the de-facto standard software on Linux. The Onewire busmasters are directly supported in owfs (>2.9). The Enocean TCM310 is the same as in the USB300 USB-dongle and is therefore compatible with home automation software like OpenHAB and FHEM. The Cape is directly detected thanks to R. Nelson on the 3.8.x kernels and can easily be enabled on later kernels (as most interfaces use UART or the I2C).

New in the third iteration are the ingenious Phoenix Contact PTSM connectors, making the Onewire cabling a breeze. Furthermore a better filtering/protection was implemented at the serial conector.

If a RTC is required (which I do not recommend), footprints for a Maxim MAX3232MZ RTC chip and a battery holder are present.

You can see some photos at http://knx-user-forum.de/diy-do-yourself/29676-beaglebone-cape-mit-knx-4x-onewire-enocean-rtc-ehz-moeglich-4.html#post417406.

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Sorry for the pictures, I logged out of the forum and checked but obviously it still recognized me as a member for some reason.

Pictures of cape: https://plus.google.com/photos/109748949078391340253/albums/6062167373953605841

I do not recommend using the RTC because it is in most cases a waste of money as long as the BB is connected to the Internet. Technically there is no reason not to fit it, it actually works as expected.