Home automation


I’m looking for a cheap way to handle some light switches and 1-wire room temperature measurements.

I’d like to use Loxone as an home automation system, I would like the beaglebone to send ‘input actors’ over to Loxone using EIBD/Ethernet.

I would like to use the BeagleBone Black to handle

  1. ~20 1-wire temperature sensors. I’m concerned about the length of the cables on which I connect the sensors. How do I need to connect them to the board ? (Using CAT5E) Do I need any additional electronics? (I’m a software engineer, but very unfamiliar with electronics) Can I merge the 1-wire signals? Do I need to get the 1-wire cape? (If I get the cape, can I still operate my light switches?)

  2. I’d like to use push buttons : "potential free push buttons’. Can I just feed the 3.3V to the switches? Can my cat5e cables go up to 50m in length?

A KNX cape would be useful!


  • Jan

What does Loxone use to communicate with the various sensors and controls?

X-10 wireless of some sort ??