Horrah for the BBB

For a board this complex, open source and supported by a GREAT community I give this 100%
Sure there are issues, Sure there are bad boards. I for one bought 2 boards one worked one did not
after flashing the newer OS it worked great, I was told to just RMA it but for the 45 bux it cost i was willing to
just try a few things first before wasting everybody's time. It paid off for me. I am on the newest version of the OS now and
still see loads of errors in the boot logs and i am sure they will be fixed soon.

Think about it though. this kind of power for only 45 bux ? sheesh this BLOWS away the Rpi in a heart beat
it also Blows away the cubieboard which i have been following with interest.

Gerald is an ORcad god ( I been using ORcad since early 80s and know a god when i see one ), give him credit where credit is
due. I am sure he did not personally inspect every board that was shipped and manufacturing defects happen. I have seen on this list his patience and willingness to accept any and every board back that there was ANY issue with even what i expect was user error. Tossing a temper tantrum and destroying a board because it failed out of the box and dissing the board on the list was uncalled for.

thats my 4.5 cents worth.


Since I use the other board wulf bought I will concur with most of what he said.