hosted RISC-V wanted for open source CI

Hello all, I maintain a CI setup on different Unix-like OSes and architectures for testing a well-known FOSS C software project, and I would be interested to add RISC-V to the fleet of Buildbot workers. This would not require physical access to the board, in fact, it would be best if someone else took care of the hosting (with due credits). In case anyone with a RISC-V system and at least 512MB of RAM would be willing to provide this service to the community, please let me know. Thanks.

Hardware is REALLY scarce right now. See if the solutions I typed (minutes ago) at Latest Availability - #2 by robertlipe help you out.

If you need help moving your project to those emulators (or just want a screenshot of it running on “real” hardware) LMK, but I think the examples are pretty good. Renode is my pick, though I’ve used QEMU in the past.

You could probably test different RISC-V builds (RV32 with FP or emulator), RV64GC, etc. with largely the same virtualized framework.

Thank you for your input, self-hosted QEMU VM could be an option, but I thought it would be better to ask first, in case some infrastructure already exists somewhere.