How can I enable the GPIO attachInterrupt ()?

You can configure attachInterrupt () on any GPIO?
Tested in several but only worked in P8_13 and P8_19 and still sometimes stops working.
I need 24 GPIO monitor in real time, as events have fired in fractions of a second.
Can anyone help me please.

If you’re looking for edge triggering, you can use poll(). That’s what I used for GPIO and it worked fine.

If I remember correctly, the first trigger is “garbage” and can be just thrown away, but after that, it will trigger every time GPIO goes up or down, depending on how you set it. This is done in kernel space, and if you use TOP, you’ll see it does not actually poll constantly.


I am using Bonescript.
I do not know C or C + +.
Do you have another link about it?
I just test all GPIO and found that only 7 can use attachInterrupt ().
Still, thank you for the help!