how can i file transfer to PC (Window) from BBB

I’m using Putty

and i want to file transfer to my PC (window 7)

I want to run only the C language, without a separate program.

The file is 200kb bmp files.

Is there any way ??

BBB was installed Debian

e.g. winscp:

My solution to this problem was to mount an NFS share from another Linux machine, then this other Linux NFS server also has a Samba share. Perhaps overly complicated for the above mentioned situation. But it works great for working with a lot of source code. Especially since I can edit files live from a remote system, using whichever editor I prefer. e.g. the Samba share appears to a Windows machine as a local means of storage.

From Linux to Linux though, one can simply use sshfs. Which mounts a remote directory to a local mount point.

Use a flash drive or SD card.

SCP the file.

Thanks everyone

WinScp is very nice program !!

and SCP command is very good too.

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