How can I send data to server in BeaglePlay?

Hi All,

I am very new for working with BeaglePlay Board.
How can I send data to any server using my beaglePlay. I have so much of data need to transfer to the server.
Any cap limit is there?

If any particular list of AT command is there ?

Please any one can guide me?

Thanks and Regards

Have you already connected to your wireless network?

Yes I am already connected to the network.
But How to send multiple strings to the network.

Any example is there, Then It would help me a lot.


from a console


@gamimilan You can send data as you would with any Linux computer.

For example you could send unencrypted UDP packets with a CLI command: Send and Receive UDP packets via Linux CLI

I would also suggest you look at using something like Node-RED:

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Thanks for the reply.

I am also Working on I2C if you have any idea please suggest.


Help in what sense? I2C is a standard interface in Linux and there’s a lot of examples with using it in any language.