How display the BeagleBone desktop in a TFT touchscreen with the SPI protocol?

I bought, accidentally, a capacitive touch screen TFT shiel for arduino. After some time I was able to implement this to work BeagleBone, I successfully sent an image to the screen.

My intention is to use it like a small monitor for an application that I’m writing in python with GTK library.

TFT Arduino Shield:
Name: 2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino v2.3.
TFT Driver: Il9341
Touch Driver: STMPE610

BeagleBone Rev.A5A
Image: Debian 8.4

Why use SPI? The shield receive the image by SPI.

My question is:

I wanna know if it’s possible to configure the BeagleBone, create a script or python code, that allows me to send the desktop through SPI? So I can use my TFT like a small monitor.

Best Regards.

Check out FBTFT:

Here’s example of me using it: