How do I access the .ini file?

Hi, I have been trying to set up a beagelboneblack with a cramps board. My plan is to use this for some super small movement tasks (~0.1nm accuracy) but before I start trying to do that, I thought learning how to use the cramps board and machinekit would be a good idea. I have been trying to add these to a 3D printer but have run into a problem. I can move the axis’ around as well as read the temperature but cannot set the extruder temp using the m104 command due to this not being a recognised command.

When I search for a solution online, I am told to access and edit the .ini file of my config from the command line. I have no idea how to do this, and I think that since it is such a simple problem, no one has made a post as to how to do it. It tends to be “Edit the .ini file and add the new m code config file location” with no explanation of how to do this.

Any help would be great, but sadly I am not super computer savvy and only really know python and FORTRAN.

I believe they use to store these files in the MachineKit/Project git repo…

It would be best to ask in their forum’s…