How do I get back from a 'bone' kernel to a 'ti' one?

Having installed a ‘bone’ kernel to try and get libpruio working I have now decided that’s a bit of a dead end street and I want to get back to a ‘standard’ ti kernel. How does one set about doing this?

The ti kernels are still installed on my system. I suspect I could remove them and reinstall them using apt and that might get me the result I want but it seems rather a roundabout way of doing it.

Please run and report the output of:

dpkg -l | grep

and i’ll give you hints between cooking at the moment…


chris@bbb$ dpkg -l | grep
ii                    1.20231121.0-0~bullseye+20231121        armhf 5.10-bone for am335x
ii                      1.20231121.0-0~bullseye+20231121        armhf 5.10-ti
ii                        1.20231121.0-0~bullseye+20231121        armhf Kernel Branches

Hi @chrisisbd

Just run these two commands:

sudo apt remove --purge
sudo apt install --reinstall

The first removes the, the second reruns the installer so /boot/uEnv.txt get’s updated with the correct kernel version…

sudo reboot


Thanks Robert, that was sort of what I expected was needed but it’s good to have confirmation

What I actually needed to remove was:-


… and reinstall


but you pointed me in the right direction. I’ve been having a good meal tonight too, I hope yours went well! :slight_smile: