How do I get my Aptina camera (mt9m114) to work in kernel 3.14?

Hi All,

I am trying to get work my Aptina camera MT9M114 in the 3.14 kernel for a Beaglebone Black.

I’m using the RobertCNelson github’s kernel and also the dtb-builder. But I had no lucky because working on I realized that there’s no driver for that sensor in the kernel. I tried to import it from kernel 3.8. I copied the files and modified the Kconfig and Makefile. I obtained the corresponding menu entry in menuconfig. I’m able to select the driver as module or built-in.

Anyone knows if the sensor driver is compatible with my actual kernel version? There are other drivers compatible with the mt9m114 sensor?

I’m trying to create a device tree include (dtsi) based on the BB-BONE-VVDN-00A0.dts but making it static and not with overlays to add as include in am335x-boneblack.dts. (attached file: am335x-bone-cam-vvdn-00a0.dtsi)

The kernel, modules and dtbs compiles without errors but when I install all in the BBB nothing related to /dev/video0 or media/i2c appears during the boot or dmesg.

Porting from 3.8 to 3.14 may create pin conflicts? It is possible that device tree is not calling the driver?

Any help will be appreciated!


am335x-bone-cam-vvdn-00a0.dtsi (4.6 KB)

Hello Sergi,

I’m using the same on imx.6 linux 3.14.28 kernel and would like to integrate the mt9m114 sensor.
Have you managed to write a suitable driver?

The debate I have currently is whether to register the sensor as ‘v4l2 subdev’ or ‘v4l2 int-device’.

I’ll appreciate your help.