How do I make the emmc-flasher image?

I’m not sure if I understand your scenario, but can you copy it to a micro SD card and use that as your “boot disk” on the BBB?

I think he wants to flash it to the eMMC.

You could take a look here where it explains how to flash it with Angstrom again. I

f you want to load your own image, you could follow this page which will teach you how to make sense of current flasher-images. Poke around for long enough and you might figure out the flashing gets setup. I haven’t had time to figure it out myself yet!

Look at the second sentence.


OK so I’ve read the links you say but those tell you how the emmc-flasher images are structured, but not how to make your own.

Do you have to mount the emmc-flasher image manually and then update the contents? Surely there must be a scripted way you guys do this as you can’t be manually putting those images together for each release?

if you have a card with the Flasher-eMMC image on it you can take a look at the script “/usr/bin/”. You will wind all answers there

as someone else already mentioned, i did a writeup on how the
eMMC-flasher image *works*:

but not how to reproduce it exactly -- i'm assuming the powers-that-be
have such a script. if they want to post it, that would be ducky but
i can't imagine it would be hard to reproduce.


p.s. if i have the time, i'll clean up that page and have it reflect
the latest 2013-05-20 image, even though that's really just an
aesthetic change.

Thanks Robert I have had a look at your site. Annoyingly I’m using virtualbox to run Fedora on a mac as my development platform which so far means I can’t get at the memory card from Linux and can read the linux partition on OSX. It’s driving me up the wall right now but if I can sort that I think I now know how to replace the image that will be programmed into emmc.

do you mean you can't get at the host's SD card slot? what about
using an SD/USB adapter -- you normally have easy access to the USB
slot from virtualbox.


I’m using a usb adapter, I’ve just this second worked it out, I have to eject the drive from OSX and then virtualbox allows me to select it as a drive for the VM. Nice. :slight_smile:

Oh and Robert now I’ve replaced the image on the SD card and the BBB appears to be programming my build right now. So thank you for your info, very helpful.

Now I just need to figure out where everything is to tell me where the w1-gpio driver is configured so I know which pin it uses.


Resolved here if you want another approach:!category-topic/beagleboard/beaglebone-black/TBbjZ_gt1FU