how does the uboot affect video performance in C4?

Recently, I experienced slow video play rate. It took a few days to
find out. It seems the new uboot (downloaded from decreases
video performance on ARM. The old one which I built from the
git:// gives me good performance to play 720p
video. Any idea about this?


Can you please describe your remark. Which u-boot is fast where can we
download it to test. Which is slow ??

Because i have actually a problem on Angstrom when i try to display
pitcure from opencv and i don't know if angstrom or opencv has a

I'd like to test your fast u-boot.

In my previous post, I have given where to get uboots, new one from
old one from git:// But the beagleboard has
changed the uboot repository and included XM configuration, they said
the old one may not work with USB in C4. But I used it more than half
of a year ago and added my logo. The new one is not good to play video
as the old one.