How I can run the "SuperJumbo" on a VIrtualBOX

Hi, i has doqnload the "ai-superjumbo-2011-03.a", how i can run the
"SuperJumbo" on a VirtualBox machine?


I don't think that it can work right out of the box, though it should
not be that far.

On OMAP, the boot sequence is the following:
-1. the OMAP has some ROM code that loads mlo from the first
-2. mlo setup some registers and other things, and then "launches" u-
-3. u-boot setups some registers and then loads the kenel
-4. the kernel brings up the initramfs with the multipleOS selection.
Then it loads and "launches" the right rootfs.
-5. init is booting in the rootfs.

To do the same in a virtual box, you need to bypass 1. 2. 3. and
starts directly to 4. If you are using qemu, you can for instance
loads directly a kernel.

I know that there are some ARM-kernel floating around that can boot on
qemu. But with such kernel, you will miss some key patches needed by
the Super-Jumbo rootfs-es.

I don't think that the Super-Jumbo 2.6.32 kernel will boot from qemu
out of the box though it should not be that far. I remember that we
managed to make work the previous 2.6.29 on qemu but we haven't worked
on qemu for 2.6.32.

Bottom-line, I don't think that it will work without a kernel
recompilation, but I'm certain that nothing needs to be modified in
the rootfs-es. But it should not be that far,

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