How install Prempt_RT patch on the beaglebone black kernel

Hello i have tried to install Prempt_RT patch for the beagle bone but it was failed i also try to install xenomai on the beaglebone bone black but i also failed to install can you guide me how propery install this two patch on the beagle bone kernel for the real time application

sudo apt install

I have found this to be a way to install various kernels on the BBB.

So, if you need RT, try this one if you are using kernel 5.10.x. Now, I cannot be sure it will boot, i.e. as I have not tried the RT kernel recently.


P.S. Oh, the command: sudo apt install

I think that should get you the RT kernel to update/upgrade and try with building xenomai. Good luck and I would like to know your findings if you ever get around to making it work.

That is the stable version which I think has worked with the BBB for specifics.

Thanks for immediate replays

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