How long does your Beagleboard take to boot?


I have a Beagleboarx xm. I downloaded an Angström image with Gnome from

It takes too long to boot, approximately 30min. After the booting, it’s quite fast. I didn’t have any freezing problem.

What’s the way of shortening the boot time? Disabling some kernel modules perhaps?

The image without a desktop environment boot quite fast. How can I install Gnome or another desktop environment on this image?


It is always slow booting on the first boot as Linux has some housekeeping to do to set up the filesystem, After that it is much faster.


yaa its good that u have booted the board.can u tell me the exact
specifications that your part far the booting time is
considered it can be reduced to one sec also.for fast boot u need to
disable printk and i2c like that somany considerations are there.hope
u do the best.go through the omap3530 technical data sheet to
understand the booting process(last chapter)