How the beagle board is made this much small?

can anyone describe that how the beagleboard is made small. what is
the bus architecture... circuit components...

Feel free to read the System Reference Manual.
It has a complete description of the design and includes the schematic. All of the design materials (schematic, BOM, PCB) can be found here


The short answer is that the OMAP 3530 is a "motherboard on a chip",
containing ARM CPU, TI DSP, 3-D graphics engine, and logic for all the
peripherals. 256MB of Flash and 256MB of DRAM are mounted on top of
the OMAP 3530 as a Package on Package (POP), the result module being
only about 1 cm square. The rest of the BeagleBoard is analog and
mixed-signal parts for power and electrical interfaces.

There is no parallel memory bus on the BeagleBoard: all of that is
sandwiched inside the POP. So there is no way to add more DRAM.
There is no PCI bus, so there is no direct way to add PCI
peripherals. There is a parallel LCD interface available on the Rev
C, and some parallel peripheral capability on the expansion bus.
Everything else is serial.

…I was going to go with ‘magic’.

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