How to achieve 30 lines of realtime input on BB

We found this document:

And it says “The number of possible inputs and outputs per PRU is fixed and each has 16 possible inputs and 15 possible outputs. Those are just the theoretical numbers - many inputs and outputs are not routed out to the P8 or P9 headers on the Beaglebone Black and the actual number of usable inputs and outputs is quite a bit lower.”

So which BB is capable of most usable number of PRU channels? For our project we need 30 realtime inputs at 5MHz.

More questions will probably follow :wink:



There’re 17 inputs and 16 outputs per PRU (fast GPIO).

Find a table (bit# vs. pin) at

Note: In order to get 30 lines you’ll have to use JT header and/or SD card slot as well.