How to apply an image to the boot screen?

I’m trying to boot a BeagleBone AI-64 with Debian 11 and have set an image with Plymouth using the ‘quiet splash’ option, but it’s not being applied.

Does anyone know how to set a boot logo during startup?

One of the fun things about bbai64 is the displayport firmware… by default its built as an external, to get a better boot screen experience, it would make sense to build it into the kernel.

It would also help to write a uboot driver to help init the screen faster…

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Thanks @RobertCNelson

I’m going to try to implement the displayport firmware in a way that works by embedding it in the kernel.
(I’ve never done it, but I’m studying…)

Does anyone know of a site that might help, or a git with the kernel applied to the AI-64?


Could it be the site in the link above?