how to apply patch from this

i want to apply patch from the following site to enable i2c2 but after running it asks for file to patch … what to do plzz help. beagleboard xm

2. From the looks of it, this looks to be a U-Boot patch. So, go to the
U-Boot sources that you should have and use the patch command. Eg: patch
-p1 < patch_that_you_downloaded

Look at the man page of patch if you are need more info.

hi thanks for the rply .
what do you mean by “go to uboot sources” and plz tell if ia have a.txt file then how to make patch from it

Dude, that patch has been in mainline u-boot for quite awhile..;a=blob;f=include/configs/omap3_beagle.h;hb=HEAD#l100