How to autorun script at startup of Beaglebone quickly ?


I have an application running at startup of Beaglebone but after 15minutes, I want after the board is connected, my application will be running with an url : quickly like cloud9.

How can I make it please ?


Have you tried to set up a .service file for your application?


P.S. I am asking b/c the last time I had some .service file on my BBB, the application/file started on boot. Is this what you are asking?


Hello Again,

If you have a piece of software you want to run on boot, follow along here:

Along the bottom section of the page, on that site, there should be a instance/example. Enjoy!


P.S. If you are still having issues after you read up, let me know.

If I understand correctly, you don't want to run an application on
boot but after 15 Min.
Maybe this is easier to accomplish with crontab: Simply ad a line to

@reboot some_user sleep 900 ; /path_to/myscript

Where some_user can be root or any other user....