How to backup a flasher microsd

I created a very custom beagle solution monitoring my plants.
I backed it up onto several microSD cards and utilized it to monitor more plants via more beagles&sensors.

How can i backup my microSD card w/ beagle image on it? My windows PC freaks out about the formatted microSD card and i am not yet familiar with a linux program that would be similar to something like ‘win32 disk imager’ but does anyone have a recommendation?

Best way to go if you are working with embedded stuff is to go native Linux, might not be what you wanted to hear however your blood pressure will remain normal.

Straight Debian or Ubuntu 22.04. You can play with a VM but, what you need to do becomes very frustrating regards to USB / Printers and such.

If you don’t want a big box you can find an atomic Pi, for under $40. They are x86 and have a desktop installed. Rock solid board, it laughs at stressng testing.

@foxsquirrel I have a ubuntu workstation if that is what you are suggesting? Sorry, but could you elaborate more on this? The beagle has, a slightly dated version of debian on it as well.

I would not be concerned with that at all, you might very well be connecting to the internet using modem that is still on linux kernel 2.8. Until you hit a bump in the road and must update I would not worry about it. Sometimes you are better off depending on what direction you are heading due to packages that are not available for the “current” version. If it works don’t try to fix it, this stuff is so complicated you might be chasing your tail for days.

Since you have a linux box look up dd, that should take care of you.