how to bitbake a module from angstrom distribution

Hi, There,

I successfully built image for the beagleboard following instruction

When I tried to bitbake the pulseaudio module, there is a error
"configure: error: Unable to find libltdl version 2. Makes sure you
have libtool 2.2 or later installed."
with the command
"bitbake -c clean -b $(OETREE)/sources/openembedded/recipes/pulseaudio/"
"bitbake -c compile -b $(OETREE)/sources/openembedded/recipes/

I check my /usr/local/angstrom/arm, the and ltdl.h is
there. anybody have simular issue? Do I use the bitbake correctly?

Xu Wei

You'll be better off not using the short circuit options. Try this:
   $ bitbake pulseaudio

This way, bitbake will build all of the dependencies, etc.