How to boot Angestrom from NAND

I need to get the kernal flashed on the NAND for auto boot. I can boot
from MMC with no problems. I have the two files uimage.bin and
ramdisk.gz. can anybody help ?


The steps needed are available both in the Angstrom website and somewhere down the memory lane of this forum. Let me see if I can (re-) find the webpage and pass it on...

It will be great

Thanks a lot

Let me know if thats not what you are looking for. I didn't go through the steps in detail, but guess it has all the commands you can issue from within uBoot to erase existing NAND and copy the MMC-data into it. But, please make sure you read the steps involved and confirm if that is what you want to do (don't hold me responsible if somethings is screwed up). :slight_smile: