how to boot Application from the kernel?

        I am having ARM linux kernel for the Beagle board. I have
customized the kernel and now I need to run the application once the
kernel is loaded. Can any one tell me how to insert the application
running scripts in kernel? Is there anything like rc file as we have
for blackfin kernel??

Please clarify in this regard.



Kernel starts the ‘init’ process (/sbin/init IIRC) after it finished its own stuff. If you pass the kernel the init= commandline option it will start your app.

Different distros use different initial systems. Sysvinit is typical?

not sure if i'm going to address the issue here, jason, but that
initial invocation of "init" is totally independent of the distro's
init system, it's a kernel thing as you can see in the kernel source
file init/main.c, near the bottom:


        panic("No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. "
              "See Linux Documentation/init.txt for guidance.");

so either the kernel finds one of those four programs to execute, or
your boot fails. how your system chooses to implement the "init"
process (sysv init, upstart, or whatever) is a different issue.


      These are the files and folders under in my kernel buildroot-adi/

bash_completion.d fonts hosts inputrc
profile securetty ts.conf
bluetooth fstab inetd.conf issue mdev.conf
protocols services TZ
br-version group init.d network
random-seed shadow udev
dbus-1 hostname inittab passwd
resolv.conf ssl

Under the folder init.d, I have these files

rcS S10rc S20urandom S30dbus S40network

I have included the application booting options in the S10rc file, but
I cant get anything executed.

I have pasted the inittab rcS ans S10rc file in the attachment. Please


              Can any one clarify this ?