How to build beagleboard images at


Sorry if this question has an obvious answer, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I’d like to build the images at: myself. I can download the latest debian kernel and build it with the beaglebone configuration, but I’d like to build something closer to the “Stretch IoT (non-GUI)” beaglebone image myself so I can add a kernel module into it. (specifically I’d like to load gadgetfs so that I can have my beaglebone act as a usb device)

Are the configuration files for the images available publicly?

Thank you for any help.

  • Eric

You'll find this under /opt/scripts/boot/


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your very specific location of the USB gadget FS switch of your build script and also of course for your huge amount of work toward the beaglebone project in general.

Can you point me to a document that tells me where to run your scripts from? I get errors but I think it’s because I haven’t put your files in the right place.

Again, thank you for any help.

  • Eric

Well, that script is run by root on startup by


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your previous help with the usb gadgetfs module. I have the BB connected over USB to a driver on the PC.

Do you know how to change the VID/PID of the USB?

I am using your script:

This line enables the g_multi:

modprobe g_multi file=${boot_drive} cdrom=0 ro=0 stall=0 removable=0 nofua=1 ${g_ne$…

I’d like to modify the VID and PID. Right now it comes up as VID = 0x1d6b and PID = 0x0104.

Do you know where these come from?

Thanks for your help.

  • Eric

Sorry, i don't use g_multi anymore, instead we use libcomposite.