How to change default permanently

Hi, i’m wondering how to change the default usb0 of BBB.

I’ve found udhcpd config file in /etc and i’ve changed it to release one address:, but BBB still having on usb0 address.

Which script sets on usb0?

Which "rootfs" different images set it different ways..


I’m using angstrom Angstrom v2012.12
the kernel version is 3.8.13

bottom of:


Ok thanks, is systemd that launch this script right?

Which service?

Thanks, i’ve solved, this is because i’m trying to connect each other two BBB using IP over USB, any suggestion?

Thanks a lot.

No idea, i don't use Angstrom, just uncomment the line.


This is what my buddy wrote me. It worked on my BB xM which has an ever changing MAC address.

i was able to set the static IP

look at the file /etc/network/interfaces

and update the section like what i have below…

auto usb0

iface usb0 inet static




yours might be,,