How to clear EMMC to flash a new Image

I would like to know how I can clear the EMMC(factory reset) before flashing a new image through sd card?

You don’t have to. When you flash the eMMc it will overwrite anything there.

Ya tried that. So what’s happening is, only when I use the boot button the new image is loaded. When I remove the sd card I can still see the old image

is the new image a "flasher" or did you convert it to one?


Is the new image a “flasher” or configured to be one?

The new image is basically a backup image taken from a working board. I used SD imager to copy the entire contents from the working board’s sd card. Now i want the new board to boot from this copy.

If you can on the SD-Card open /boot/uEnv.txt and show the LAST line.

If it starts with # then the eMMc is not being flashed To cause the eMMc to be written remove the # at the start of the line.
After making that change leave the SD-Card in and re-boot the Beaglebone.

If all is good the leds should start blinking back and fourth “Cylon from Battlestar G…”

The unit should power off in about 10 minutes. Remove SD-Card. Re-boot and you should be running from eMMc.

Keep in mind when cloning an image to adjust your IP address settings. You can’t have duplicate IP addresses.