how to compile linux-omap for beagle board


i have read that this kernel

git clone

is suitable for beagle board. does anybody has a .config for beagle
board that i can use?
when i compile it it fails with undefined references (e.g.
omap4430_phy_init, omap4430_phy_exit etc.)


What does linux-omap buy you that you don’t get in the current mainline kernel?

I read and it seems like it’s being migrated into the main kernel support.

I’m running a BeagleBoard C4 as opposed to XM, so my results may be different, but I’ve custom compiled the stable 3.0 kernel from for my use with no special patches.


so you recommend the mainline instead of linux-omap? i thought that if
there is a special
omap then this has to be the right one.

I then configure it using make ARCH=arm omap2plus_defconfig
and then make ARCH=arm menuconfig

I also have the C4. I'm trying to use buildroot. I only need a kernel,
busybox with no login and
the binary pvr opengl es driver (no x11)


I tried the mainline kernel about two months ago on the BB XM A3 and Rev C. The kernel never loaded DVI support and few other things, i rolled back to OMAP branch and everything was fine. Jochen, just dont waste too much time on the mainline kernel if you found something isn’t working. Good luck

Well considering the mainline kernel just got support for the "xM Rev
C" in the 3.1-rc merge a week or too ago (1), your experience is about
what you'd get..

For the older Beagle C4, mainline 3.0.x is fine... But he want's the
pony too, the pvr drivers need a few fixes for 3.0..