How to configure Connmand

My logs on BeagleBone Black are flooded with message:

connmand[605]: Skipping server KoD code RATE

how to get rid of this message?

It looks like a mis-configured NTP configuration: Rate Management and the Kiss-o'-Death Packet

connmand - connman deamon for network configuration in the BBBB

Are you using a custom NTP server, or changed something with NTP?

what software release are you using? cat /etc/dogtag For a long time, systemd-timesync has been used as our default, but before that was ntpdate/ntpupdate…


Sorry that I’m responding so late. I haven’t got notification about your response and I forgot about my question.

Anyway, I’m using Debian 10 Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-04-06